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Gravel & Stuff.

A bit of gravel, some lush grass, an asphalt stretch, and a little surprise. Nothing is very technical about this course, nor is it hilly in the slightest, but that don't mean it can't hurt you a bit.

Measuring approximately 3.5km's in length, you'll be able to race this on either a cyclocross or mountain bike, with winners in both categories. 

It won't be graded but it's not all about who wins, right? Come along and try out something new, then hang around for the incredible Fixed Crit that will follow immediately after. Food trucks will keep you fed, and frothies will be available too.

Date: Saturday October 21
Where: Caribbean Gardens

Women - 4:00pm (45 minutes)
Men - 5:00pm (1 hour)

Entry Fee - $20