Remember the TDU Carpark Climbs we ran the last two years? They were kick arse no doubt, but we thought we’d change things up in 2019 and take the same concepts to the streets. A little less mad, but no less rad.

A maximum of 120 riders fitted with transponders fitted to their bikes will get two cracks at setting a time over a 1km hotdog circuit on a downtown city drag. The riders in each category with the lowest combined time from their two attempts will be crowned the winners.

Setting off in clusters with short intervals between each rider, safety first and all that jazz, it’ll all come down to power in the straights and courage in the corners.

We’re not fussy about what kind of bike you ride, but all bikes MUST be fitted with a hand operated brake.

Nestled on the edge of the City of Adelaide Tour Village, there will be atmosphere aplenty.

Register to race or simply come along and watch the action unfold - this is a night of fun not to be missed.



Date - Thursday the 17th of January
Time - Racing commences at 7:30pm


Pretty much smack bang in the middle of town.

The hotdog course will be set up on Flinders Street in the heart of the CBD, with the start line near the intersection of King William Street.

Each rider will cover one and a half laps to complete the 1km distance.

Flinders Street between King William and Wyatt Streets will be closed to all but permitted local traffic between 5:00pm - 11:00pm. King William Street between Pirie and Wakefield Streets will be closed between 6:30pm - 10:00pm.


Rider groupings will be done randomly and communicated in the days before the event. Each group will be called forward in a semi-orderly fashion and set off once the track is clear of riders. We expect there will be circa 3 minutes between each group. It'll be kinda loose, but that’s part of the fun.

Each rider will be notified of their time via text message pretty soon after crossing the line, and full results will be available on this site as they happen, so you'll know where you're at in the scheme of things.

Once all riders have completed a run, we’ll start the process all over again - and remember, it’s your cumulative time that counts to your final standing. If two or more riders finish with the same cumulative time, there will be a count back with the person who had a faster second run being considered the better placed of those with that time.


6:30PM - Registration Opens. 

7:15PM - Rider Briefing

7:30PM - Round 1

8:30PM - Round 2

9:40PM - Presentations