It was March 2016, we didn't know what to expect, we just thought we'd have a bit of fun and run a little event for shits and giggles. The set up was going fine, not a lot of stress, and then all off a sudden a rider turned up. Two hours early. All the way from Sydney. With a pink bike. A Canadian national track champion no less. Shit started getting real.

Then time started going way too fast. In the blink of an eye, registration opened and so too the flood gates. Riders don't turn up when rego opens, they turn up when it's about to close. Not this day.  Nope, they all turned up early. It became IMMEDIATELY clear that this was going to be a quite a night, and so it was.

Fast forward almost two years and the legend continues to grow. We ran the event in Adelaide during the TDU in 2017 and it was so successful that (a) the TDU has asked us back again and (b) one of the sponsors from the 2017 event decided they'd try and claim the event as their own. Ha!

We love Adelaide, and we can't wait to get the party started all over again for the 2018 event.


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